The Queens screening of tenants

Posted by Danielle Dani Purcell on Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at 2:50pm.

1. CAR application for all tenants over 18
2. Drivers license each tenant over 18
3. Credit report with criminal and eviction each tenant over 18.
4.  Last 3 bank statements
5. Landlord reference in writing. Agent responsible for calling landlord and asking the simple questions needed to know if tenant is good.
    a. Did tenant pay rent on time if not when late and how many times
    b. Did tenant ever bounce check if  so when and ho many 
    c. Did tenant have pets or smoke on property
    d. Would you rent to tenant again?
    e. Has tenant damaged property?
Then you go on line and you pull tax record on the house to make sure that you were really talking to the owner of home. I then look at where it says owner currently lives.  I then go on mls and I pull old listings on property to see when house was sold or leased last. If tenant said he moved in on 9/15/2000 and mls says it was rented in 2005 then I know I got a problem. If I am suspicious of the tenant I will call the last listing rental or sales agent on the prospective tenants current house.
I never believe tax returns or 1099's as anyone can print them on line.
I pay attention to all red flags. If I hear a tenant talking about moving someone else in I know there is a problem.
If the tenant smells like smoke I know there is a problem.
If a tenant has semi bad credit i make them pay 2 months security. If really bad they will pre pay 6 months or the entire lease…
Make sure to write on all leases that 30 day notice is required since not in the current lease.
Making sure you use all the correct forms and disclosures will help to protect you once tenant in house.
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