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There’s a reason our office ranks #1 throughout California in volume of transactions: we’re the most recommended leasing company in town. That’s because we love clients who care about their homes—and we prove it by bringing them the most desirable, trustworthy and responsible tenants possible.

If you’ve come to us, we know your home is important to you. And as knowledgeable, dedicated local professionals, our goal is to help you find a highly qualified, low-maintenance tenant for your property, whether for long-term or vacation rental.

We use AppFolio portal software for owners and tenants.

How we work - As soon as we take a new listing, the marketing begins immediately. Listing managers Danielle Purcell, (owner) and Laura Baptista, who’s been with Team Laguna for 15 years, will get the ball rolling. Office Assistant and Property Manager Kate Keast, herself a 20-year Team Laguna veteran, runs the rental division and property management team.

We advertise on as many websites as possible. In addition to the MLS, we submit your information to the local newspaper and an extensive network of online real estate sites to give your home maximum exposure (please see attached for examples and details). This is more than a one-time ‘blast’—it’s a continuous engagement until we find you the ideal tenant.

This is done by providing an initial walk-through
to advise you on factors affecting rentability, preparation advice - to suggest ways to maximize rents and resale value, we contact vendors
- to provide recommendations regarding home improvement and maintenance, Rental pricing
- determined by a thorough market survey and rental analysis, superb marketing
- with high-quality photography and ad placement on the industry’s leading sites. Including but not limited to; the MLS, Trulia, Zillow, HotPads, Craigslist and many more. Signage
is created beginning with an inviting ‘For Lease’ sign at the property. Tenant screening
- with a process that includes reviewing of application, credit and background screening, three months of bank statements, and verification of income and copy of ID. We also check references with past landlords.

Team Laguna owner and broker Danielle Purcell personally approves all tenants. All paperwork, including applications and leases, are approved by Danielle before being submitted to the property owner. Her knowledge, expertise and ability to read between the lines have shaped Team Laguna’s success; however, the owner always has the final say and approval for applications. Short-term rentals are prepaid and subject to a shorter application form.

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