Helped me sell a home

Dani was a godsend for my family. 3 years ago when my grandfather needed to move to assisted living, she had our family beach house in Laguna rented in less than 30 days for top dollar. In 3 years, we have had 2 tenants with only 14 days of that time being vacant. Dani and her team did a fantastic job of managing all aspects of property management. When he finally passed earlier this year, we made the decision to sell the property. Once again Dani was there for us and was able to sell the property in a short time, getting top dollar despite having our current tenant's lease still in place for another 12 months. I could not imagine anyone doing a better job for my family than the amazing work that Dani and Team Laguna did for us. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone who will go above and beyond for their clients. Thank you Dani.

- Richard Coffman

TeamLaguna has made sure I have a perfect match tenant every time. They are immediately responsive, answer all of my questions, and I always know exactly what the status is of any lease negotiation. All of my bases are covered with Dani and her team.

- Carl & Cheryl Post

It's no surprise to us why Danielle Purcell and Team Laguna are the number one rental agency in Laguna Beach: they've been successful time after time in getting our Laguna rental property off the MLS and leased to great tenants. Thank you Dani for all your hard work! You are the best!

- Arne and Lynn Rosencrantz

We have never worked with an individual who represented the buyer with more energy and integrity. After two days of showings, Myra and I felt Brad would represent our interest without compromise. I insist on brad using us for a character reference any time a potential client wants to know if their interests will be served by Brad Rosa.  

- George Nazzaro

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

I first hired Danielle in 2005 to rent and manage my vacation property and have repeatedly used her since. Her level of expertise, experience, and dedication to her clients is unsurpassed. She is reachable 24 hours a day and truly understands client service. Her staff is equally wonderful. May 23, 2012

- Neil Raynor

Team Laguna is no-doubt the best Realtors we have ever worked with. They always made us feel like we are top priority. The service was extremely friendly and fast. We received excellent communications throughout the whole process. We received everything the client can dream about - extra care, attention, support, humor and best expertise! The whole process buying a house sounds complicated to us at first but Team Laguna made it really easy! Moreover we had a chance to make good friends!

We would definitely recommend Danielle Purcell & Team Laguna to anyone who is looking for top class service

- RE/MAX FINE HOMES, Canaday Group

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dani has managed our rental property in Laguna Beach for more than 12 years. She has been exemplary. She is professional, knowledgable and proactive. Dani understands the market and expertly manages a team of professionals to ensure that we get the best possible service. Our rental property has been managed with great care and with the highest integrity. Simply stated, "She's the best."

- Kathy and Sandy

Danielle was fantastic at helping me buy my current home and helping me NOT buy another home for which we went under contract...turns out that seller withheld significant information during the disclosure period and ultimately we wanted out from under the contract as a result.  Thanks to Danielle for helping uncover such issues!  Couldn't have done it without her.  I highly recommend her for your real estate needs!

- Mary Ellen & Bob Rowan, Laguna Beach - Buyers/sellers

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dani for over 10 years. Not only does she consistently produce top quality tenants, she always goes above and beyond the call of duty for our family. We live in Northern California and she makes our lives so much easier, without worry and completely hassles free in caring for our property in Laguna Beach. We highly recommend Dani for ALL real estate needs!

- Mark Buckovich

I am a real estate broker in the Laguna Board/MLS and prefer the results that Dani has consistently produced directly with her dedicated professional staff. She is realistic in setting goals for fullfillment and does achieve timely results within the scope of the designated activity. I have hired Team Lsguna any number of times in the past with excellent results and have made uncualified of her agency to others without hesitation. You can't go wrong with Dani at your side to achieve what you need!!! May 23, 2012

- Robert Simmons

I just wanted to write you an email about a very positive experience my husband and I have had with one of your realtors, Chrissie Haneline. She worked with us on the rental at 250 Beverly St. Throughout the entire process she was very responsive and helpful to any and all questions my husband and I had. She was very accommodating in showing us the property and explaining what we need to do every step of the way. Even after we moved in, she was still available to help us with questions, putting us in touch with the proper people, and has even gone the extra mile to give us tips on places to go and things to do in Laguna. All in all we had a great experience with her and would highly recommend her to anyone we know who is in need of a realtor. She is by far the most pleasant experience we have had with any realtor....and we have worked with many =)

Thank you for your time. We wish Chrissie the best with your company.

- Andrea & Alex Lee

Danielle, you go above and beyond the call of duty in your job! I am honored that we can work together!

- Sarah and Greg Schiltz

Danielle brings a rare combination of knowledge, energy and commitment to the table, and she has consistently delivered superb tenants and brokered the best deals we could have hoped for. She knows Laguna Beach and what goes on there like the back of her hand, and she'll stick by you to make sure you get what you need. I consider her the best broker in town and one of the best I've met. We don't work with anyone else. June 4, 2012

- William Fantini

We met Danielle when we first moved to Laguna 7 years ago. She rented us our first place. It was a one room guest cottage by the beach, and we signed the lease that day. We have been friends ever since. She was there through all of the years of looking for our dream house. She never complained, and we took a long time to find it. But, find it we did. After 6 years of looking and renting, Dani made our dreams come true. It was a difficult sale, and had she not been there to represent us, we would not have gotten the house. It took 9 long months of negotiating. Dani made it happen when it looked like all was lost. She is our dear friend, and she is the best agent in town. No wonder she is the Queen of Real Estate.

- Amanda and Mike

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Danielle has done a GREAT job as my agent, she goes above and beyond the call of duty. Awesome customer service! Highly recommended. June 24, 2012

- Steve Jones

I wanted to take a moment to compliment Brad Rosa for his efforts in helping me lease a home in Laguna Beach recently. He said he would make sure everything was taken care of and he meant it. In fact, he went above and beyond the call to ensure that a number of problems with the unit were addressed without me having to worry about it or lift a finger. This included him taking time to meet with a repairmen and even going and buying garage door openers and making sure they worked. Given that the deal was done, contracts signed and money paid, he easily and quite legitimately could have left these matters to the other agent and the landlord, but instead he approached it as part of making sure everything was perfect.

My hours at my job at PIMCO are very long and it is difficult to deal with this stuff, but Brad simply made every problem that came up go away.

I would be happy to recommend him and Team Laguna should references be useful.

- Geoff Geoffrey Johnson EVP – Equity Portfolio Manager P I M C O Newport Beach, CA

To whom may be considering Team Laguna

I have lived in Laguna Beach since 1998. I currently own four homes in the city, the two most recent were purchased while being represented by Danielle Purcell of Team Laguna. Danielle has been placing her clients in my rental properties for the last 10 years. She always gets the tenant and they have worked out to be satisfactory long term relationships. She has been a valued source of both tenants and tradesman to maintain theses properties. She keeps in contact with me.

A year ago she showed me two houses on one lot with an ocean view. I generally don't make quick decisions on rental property but Danielle convinced me that this property with a recent $200,000 price reduction and would not be on the market long. Danielle knew the listing agent and convinced her that my offer would satisfy all of the sellers objectives. By the end of the day there were 5 offers in total, all subordinate to mine. This was not an all cash offer. Danielle worked with the lender and we closed this deal in 28 days.

Danielle identified the property that generated the maximum rent with a sale price that I could afford. It turned out that this property has appreciated several hundred thousand dollars in less than a year. She knew the property was underpriced to sell quickly and a great value.

Danielle's relationship with all of the local realtors allowed her to identify what was motivating the sellers. She then structured the offer to meet all of the sellers requirements.

Lastly, Danielle introduced me to a motivated lender's representative that personally followed the loan process from application,funding, and closing of the transaction.

Danielle followed this property purchase process personally to make this the easiest deal that I have ever done. When I make my next real estate investment, it will be with Danielle Purcell of Team Laguna representing me.

Best Regards,
Chris O'Donnell

- Chris O'Donell- buyer/seller

Danielle and her team of real estate professionals have provided excellent service in both managing our properties and filling any vacancies with only the very best tenants. She truly is the "Queen"

- Julie Sandler

I just wanted to thank your agency, and especially Jeanette, for handling the rental of my Dana Point condo so fast, smoothly and professionally. I've worked with other brokers/leasing agents in the past, and those experiences were not even close to the top-shelf level of service I received this time.

From start to finish, Jeanette was on top of everything: quick and creative with the MLS listing etc, very attentive to my needs, and always responsive to any questions and concerns I raised. And thanks to her, the paperwork -- the part I loathe -- was painless.

I look forward to working with Jeanette and Only in Laguna in the future, and will spread the word to any friends who may be looking for true professionals to lease their properties.

- Christine

Danielle has been been my agent for many years. She has done a fantastic job managing my property and all things related to being a great Real Estate Broker in Laguna Beach. I would recommend her to anybody in need of a true expert in her field. She really is the Queen. May 23, 2012

- Kelly Poling
Dear Dani,
I must tell you how pleased I am to once more have had the pleasure of
working with members of your staff.
They are so professional, well trained, and courteous that it makes
my end of the transaction so very pleasant.
Recent kudos to Kate and Jessica; they rock!
When I am contacted and I don’t think my company should handle
a particular customer I always refer them to you guys.
It’s an easy decision: you are all pros!
My best  and love,
Ed Gazich

- Agent Ed Gazich

Dear Danielle,

I just wanted to thank you all again for the professionalism and help you gave me in securing a tenant for a property of mine. It appears that every time we work together, it gets easier and easier and your whole team puts effort and care into each prospective tenant you bring me. Whether it is a low offer and you agree with me, and/or a higher than requested, you always come through! Thank you for being there for me and I really appreciate your professionalism and quality of people you work with. I would NEVER consider going elsewhere!!! Dani, you have a great team!!!

- John Hovansian

 Dani, This is why I do business with an expert in her field. You follow up after the sale or lease. You recognize the value of service beyond the minimum required. You establish credibility with your client. You will be my realtor till the lid closes. This is what long term business relationships are built on. Long time client/ buyer/seller/landlord.

- Chris O'Donnell

Danielle is one of the most knowledgeable, professional and hard-working realtors in  Laguna Beach.  I have known her for more than 20 years and have done several deals with her.  She is concerned that her clients get the "best deal" possible and will always advise her client based on the market, NOT her desire to buy or sell.  I recommend her to anyone who is serious about either buying or selling.  She will work very hard for you!!!!!!!!!!

- Rob and Jim, Laguna Beach

Dani, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful service you have provided me over the years in connection with my oceanfront house in Laguna Beach. You continue to amaze me with your knowledge of the market and your ability to get top dollar for my house. I frankly have never dealt with a rental agent that can come close to you in terms of professionalism and results. You and your team, Team Laguna, are simply the best.

- William Lobel

Dear Dani, Hello and I meant to do this earlier but time always seems to get away on me. I wanted to compliment you and your team on a very pleasant and extremely organized office. As I dropped off the paperwork on different occasions I noticed how well marked everything was and how welcoming you and your staff were to me and others. Your office is just so inviting and very Laguna Beachish.

My compliments and I am only sure this environment is very nice for all that experience it, not to mention Team Laguna's enjoyment of a nice office.

Well take care and see you soon when we are ready to pick up the keys to Cajon.

- Susan Amburn

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